Team -> Vakhtang Kvantaliani
ვახტანგ კვანტალიანი ხაჭაპურიძე და პარტნიორები
Vakhtang Kvantaliani

An associate partner of KH & PARTNERS with a 20-year experience of serving as an attorney specializing in criminal, civil, and administrative law fields.


In his person, our team has an attorney with versatile work experience who takes care of the smoothness of the legal side of any aspect of the clients’ activities.

2007 წლიდან არის  საქართველოს ადვოკატთა ასოციაციის წევრი-საერთო სპეციალიზაციით;


  • 1991: Kutaisi University of Law and Economics;
  • 1996: Akaki Tsereteli Kutaisi State University, Law Faculty.

Work experience

  • 1994-2007: General Inspection Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Financial Police and General Inspection Departments of the Ministry of Justice, various managerial leadership positions;
  • 2007-present: General practice attorney;
  • 2015: Obtained the status of a specialized juvenile justice attorney;
  • Turkish companies NUR GIDA Ltd., S 101 Ltd., and Red Bridge Ltd., jurist.


  • Recognition and enforcement of international decisions;
  • Juvenile justice specialization;
  • American Bar Association (ABA) – Criminal Court Procedures Manual;
  • USAID, Moral Damages and Unjust Enrichment;
  • About the main elements of financial law and tax disputes;
  • Justification of court decisions in criminal cases;
  • ABA – Forensic Procedures;
  • ABA – Regarding proceedings in European Court of Justice in Strasbourg;
  • ABA – Forensic Examination;
  • Implementation of European standards of human rights protection in Georgia;
  • Regarding the Norway Rule of Law, supremacy advisors’ mission-prevention measures, Article 5 of European Convention, and lawyers’ presentation 3/7 skills;
  • ABA – Court Procedures;
  • About European human rights law and court;
  • USAID – Court Administration and Management Reform.

During the period of practical activity, successfully completed the vast majority of criminal, civil and administrative category cases in the courts.

Languages: Georgian, Russian, English.