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ნანა ფარჩუკაშვილი ხაჭაპურიძე და პარტნიორები
Nana Parchukashvili

An associate partner of KH & PARTNERS with over 20-year experience of serving as an attorney; specializes in civil, corporate, contractual law and corporeal right; Conducts cases in the Constitutional Court.


In the person of Nana, our team has a member with versatile work experience, who takes care of the smoothness of the legal side of any aspect of customer activity. Customers who have worked with Nana say that “working with Nana is comfortable and easy. She is a professional in his work, always ready to help, often doing more than her share of the work.”

Nana was founder and editor-in-chief of the “Samartali”/Law magazine; her experience includes successful litigation practice, primarily in property rights and contractual disputes; a number of precedential decisions have been issued by the courts with his direct participation.


As a result of her work, customers have achieved successful results in terms of obtaining permits and licenses, received advice on legal issues, including construction permits, and hopefully operate in the Georgian and international markets. Nana was the chairman and arbitrator of the private arbitration court; provides corporate services to many companies, including successful construction companies.


Nana is a certified member of the Georgian Bar Association; has earned a master’s degree in law; graduated from the Journalism and Law Faculties of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University with diplomas of a journalist and jurist; she has received a certificate for active involvement in the process of obtaining a construction permit and successful completion of lawsuits in Georgian courts.


Nana is a recognized specialist in law.