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Irakli Khimshiashvili

An associate partner of KH & PARTNERS. He is an expert in the field of corporate, civil and administrative law; provides corporate legal protection of legal entities.



  • 2010–06.2014: Law Faculty of the Georgian Technical University, specialization – jurist;
  • 2019: enrolled in the Law School Master Program of Ilia State University;
  • 2017: passed the qualification exam of a general practice lawyer;
  • 2021: has specialized in juvenile justice, in the direction of civil law.

Work experience

  • 2014–08.2015:  lawyer, Elko-Audit LLC;
  • 2016–02.2017: lawyer, legal company GLG LLC, where he represented customers in court in the field of civil and administrative law, as well as engaged in legal services of legal companies, in contractual and in various legal directions. During the period of his work at GLG, provided stable services to the construction company Crystal Building LLC;
  • 2017-02.2019: engaged in independent legal practice, mainly in the field of civil law;
  • 2019-02.2020: lawyer/consultant, LEPL Legal Aid Service;
  • 2020-present: engaged in independent legal practice; during his work experience, provided services to a number of companies, both by organizing internal documentation and by representation in court (Marco, Argo, etc.).

Irakli speaks the Georgian, Russian and English languages.